Neutrality Studies

Neutrality and Nonalignment in International Relations

Neutrality Studies is an international academic research project, for the study of neutrality as a concept in international relations, sociology, international law, diplomacy, political science, security, and history.

The research group organizes conferences, workshops, and publications for a scholarly understanding of neutrality.


Eyeless on Gaza

Denial of civil liberties, accompanied by punishment for anybody who exposes those violations, has become commonplace in contemporary America. Yet,…

A New Functional Human Rights Paradigm

All rights derive from human dignity. Codification of human rights is never definitive and never exhaustive, but constitutes an evolutionary…

The West VS The Rest

Is the West launching an all-out war against the Global South, against BRICS—that is against “the other”? Are we in…

Russo-African Relations

On December 12, 2023, Turkmenistan celebrated the 28th anniversary of its neutrality. Since the UN General Assembly adopted a special…
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Upcoming Seminars and Talks

Past Seminars

Oman as a Neutral State

June 12, 2023. A seminar by Pascal Lottaz at Waseda University, Building 3 Room 602.
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