A Neutral Korean Peninsula

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A Solution for Peace and Security in Northeast Asia?

Online Seminar

Dr. Sangpil Jin, Dr. Pascal Lottaz, Dr. Vana Kim Hansen

11/05/2023 5:00 pm

Geopolitical tensions in East Asia and around the globe are dangerously growing day by day. Peace activism and research are urgently needed to de-escalate the situation and develop long- term solutions. The concept of neutrality can provide stability for the neutral state and region as it is flexible and can be adjusted to the needs of every country and context. The neutralization of the Korean Peninsula has been attempted on numerous occasions since 1882, based on various existing models. The Swiss model was examined in a presentation in March. This webinar will provide a broader application with expert viewpoints, based on a clear-eyed recognition of the facts on the ground.

What steps are needed for neutrality to become a solution to the current stalemate and security issues on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia? How could it be formulated realistically and negotiated between concerned parties?

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