A Focused Overview of Western Sociopolitical Systems: The Extreme Case of Great Britain

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Dear Pascal,

In your recent program (2024-03-04, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UE1Nu_5ev8o) you presented an analysis and discussion of recent events, where at some critical junctures you discussed explanations along with predictions in terms of how the Western political class and decision-makers might act from this point onward, emphasizing on their attempts to escalate by France against Russia, which brought to the surface the very conflicting interests between the vassal-state “allies” of the United States, as well as the very hegemon itself.

While your above-mentioned program focused exclusively on Ukraine, it is absolutely essential, at this juncture of globally unfolding geopolitical events, to also consider what the “Empire” is currently doing in Gaza and Palestine at the same time of the unfolding situation in Ukraine and the targeting of Russia (and China one should hasten to add).  

To this end, I also reference here a link from today also (2024-03-04, https://youtu.be/txqSd5hGfZI) where Craig Murray, a former British  ambassador and historian presents an exposition of facts as well as a very strongly founded analysis.  I also reference here the important speech by the artist, writer, anti-imperial organizer and human rights activist, Morgan Bassichis (2024-03-04, https://youtu.be/YnJEjEJMjns) as solid evidence that the frantic pace of atrocious recent activities  by the “Empire” is also accompanied by rapidly growing dissident voices that speak the truth at an even greater and unprecedented to this date pace. 

The particular speech by Bassichis cited is a most prominent and powerful demonstration and proof that there is a crystallization taking place  now within global human consciousness, by the complete unmasking of the “Empire” on its way to its downfall and its assignment to the “right history books” once and for all.

I am therefore writing to you in order to propose a systems point of view as an alternative model of Western Establishments and sociopolitical structures, historically defined by their political ruling classes (“elites”).   I will use as a template of reference the British political and social system as the most historically extreme manifestation of Western “culture”, always true to its historical duplicity and use of misdirection as its main tool. 

My choosing Britain as my focus here is because this is the oldest and biggest Empire that, even right down to its final throws in 1947 and the establishment of the state of Israel based on the constructed Zionist ideology, “cooked” in its “elite circles” with obvious ulterior motives, continues to this date along the same trajectory without ever having changed at its core as exemplified by the report and discussion in this link: https://youtu.be/55aHmczmSlU (2024-03-04).

British society can be briefly described by the following points:

  1. A feudal system since the Middle Ages that has not changed in its essential core.
  2. A class/caste based system, relying at its core in hereditary “title bearers” (aristocracy, in its literal sense), which in itself starts at the top with a Queen/King and goes hierarchically down to lesser and lesser significance “titles”.
  3. The non-hereditary citizens also fall into clear-cut, yet of course undeclared castes, from the ultra-rich but non-aristocratic citizens all the way down to the working class and ultra-poor and homeless people.
  4. The ultra-rich, as well as the rest of the “commoners” are vying for recognition, in acquiring some form of (always) non-hereditary title, a social status “elevation”, bestowed upon them by the hereditary aristocracy so that they move closer to the core of power (the proverbial “court” around the Queen or King).  Titles are distributed like “carrots” so people compete to prove themselves as worthy subjects, for the most part facilitating with their money the power-yielding circle.  Some individuals excel by true social contribution, but these are the exceptions that prove the rule.
  5. By necessity this is a forever-sustained corruption of power and politics, and the Parliament claimed to be the oldest one in the world in modern history is seen through this to be just  a smokescreen for the ruling class to hide behind (and also directly within it, in the House of Lords and the infamous scandals by offering cash to the ruling party by a government official secures a ticket to becoming a non-hereditary “Peer” in that House…).
  6. The Parliament is dominated by two completely identical in political style and orientation parties, the Conservatives and Labour  — the so-termed “Uniparty”.  They are completely identical, as evidenced by recent events and their indiscernible from each other policies, both on internal as well as external affairs.  Two faces of the same coin, the “Establishment”, they are but a mere gesture to the “subjects” to feel included, that they have the illusion of a choice…  I would claim intentionally so, right at the inception of the British Parliament.
  7. Britain has officially a “Constitutional Monarchy”, but has as such no Constitution!  It is in effect a country based on contradictions with a semblance of equilibrium projected outwards.
  8. As and aside, one should juxtapose the United States’ political system as identical to the British one – albeit without a … constitutional hereditary Hegemon!

The way this system is structured is effectively headless, as its members are always in internal conflict and fierce constant competition with each other.  Showing strong leadership in such a chameleonic system means taking responsibility for one’s actions, and such a thing is the very antithesis of what this system is about: complete flexibility to flip-flop one’s position in a matter of hours if need be!  Let alone of suffering the fate of JFK to bring an example from “across the pond”… While trying to maintain an external homogenized unanimous way of presenting themselves by propaganda and projection, their actions compared to their statements speak the truth in volumes by being always contradictory to each other, proving their obvious internal conflict driven by short-term and short-sighted individualistic benefits. 

Such people are good at attacking only one item that they are presented with as a challenge at each time.  This also is their preferred technique to focus their victims on a problem of their creation as a means of misdirection, particularly when it comes to dividing countries into opposing factions or causing conflict between neighboring countries, all the meanwhile feigning to be a neutral party and even a … peacemaker!  I would bring here as an example the division and destruction of Cyprus by the British and Henry Kissinger’s geopolitical engineering machinations – but that perhaps is a story for another time… That which they project and cause onto others is actually their very own weakness: if simultaneously challenged by multiple problems, in the lack of strong responsible leadership they react in a frantically chaotic way, as the chaos they sew onto others in order to dominate them.

These individuals thrive on conflict, intoxicated by the opportunity both for personal power gains and to destroy their competitors in their very own circle.   They act without regard for loss of any resources, or even the utter impoverishment of the very citizens they are supposed to be caring for in their own country.  On the contrary, they become totalitarian and suppressive in their handling of domestic affairs and overtly belligerent externally.

The “Empire” starts from its inner elite circle, of either hereditary or “gentrified” commoners (who by the way will never be able to get to the core of power “club”, and they know that) who consider themselves exceptional, to outer concentric circles of decreasing “exceptionalism” all the way to the periphery where people are considered subhuman.  By necessity this social construct has endemic in it the properties of racism, and of extremist fanaticism.  The same goes with corruption on all levels: well-hidden at the core by pomp and circumstance, raw and naked at its periphery by committing atrocious crimes against humanity for profit and gains.  

British people “lament” this is “human nature”, but I beg to strongly differ here: this is the way certain backward societies choose to behave and thus remain in the Middle Ages.  A top British lawyer once told me: British Law is like Swiss Cheese, with the one having the deepest pockets always being “vindicated”; just to show how this type of society functions and operates historically at all levels, hiding in plain sight.

What the British and Westerners perceive as weakness in another and strength for themselves is always a reverse projection, one might say here even a perversion, necessitated by the lies they project onto each other, as say the “pharmaceutical oligarchs” have a charge over a different power center in their “societies” in the West overall, say from the “military industrial complex” group, and from the “banking and finance” group, the “political class elite” group, the “shipping magnates elite” group, the “oil companies & energy group”, the “nuclear energy group”, the “green agenda group”, but also from the “information gathering and propaganda” & “secret service operations” groups etc.

While these groups may coordinate for their individualistic goals to be promoted and operating under a common umbrella, for the most part their interests are always in conflict in reality.  As such, this system cannot be viewed as coherent or rational, and this is the only consistency one can ascribe to it.

If challenges persist, without regard or understanding of resources, such an oligarchic structure as the British society is to this date, it will inevitably continue on its decaying path until, obviously,  some kind of criticality is reached – and then it will be a free-fall crash.  Finally, escalation for such a system in distress is the only logical option, if one comprehends how the points I present here interlock with each other.