A Duty of the Citizens of the World to Stop the Carnage of Human Beings by the State of Israel: A Call for Universal Practical Activism

The following is a letter by an anonymous viewer of the neutrality studies youtube channel, published here for the purpose of an open discussion. To send your own letter, please contact the editor. Letters to the Editor do not reflect the opinions of neutralitystudies.com or its editors. All views are those expressed by the author.

Dear Pascal,

It is with great dismay and utter repulsion that we are all watching around the world the unfolding carnage perpetrated by the State of Israel against Palestinian lives.  Although this is not unprecedented in human history, it is the very first time that we are able to watch an atrocity of such magnitude unfold literally before our very own eyes.

It seems the State of Israel, as per a previous anonymous post on your site (https://neutralitystudies.com/2024/01/assessment-of-nuclear-conflict-risks-at-the-present-geopolitical-climate/) is blatantly in our faces trying to turn black-into-white and vice versa, all the meanwhile their information services and other fully official state agencies and agents foster and allow the touting of hostages, their denigration and utter dehumanization.

I will not go on with over-analyzing the obvious.  However, I do have the compelling moral obligation and ethical duty to mention one last thing.  The tens of thousands of dead children, the tens of thousands of undiscovered children and their decomposing bodies that without a doubt lie underneath the completely demolished, and beyond rubble into fine dust, houses and buildings and all facilities and infrastructure that can allow any form of life to exist, let alone human beings.

What about the stories of surgeries on children, amputations no less – single, double, triple and quadruple at that – without anaesthetic?  Children? Toddlers? Babies?  To be a doctor in Palestine is an absolute horror: steeling yourself to cut off the limbs of young kids to save their lives, while they are writhing and screaming their head off from unimaginable pain and sheer terror.  This is what is now unmasked in full plain sight.  There was even a case mentioned of a surgeon having been left without option but to perform such an operation without anesthetic on his own young child.  Crucially in this line of thinking, in order to dehumanize another it is a prerequisite to have dehumanized oneself in the first place, to begin with.

I think that the world at large will not and shall not accept this defilement standing by idly for too long anymore.  What International Court of Justice do we now need with all this we have been witnessing, with all masks now being dropped, with all pretexts being completely also now transparent to everyone: the entire planet is a Global Court of Justice when you face such systematic and relentless carnage.  History is a process, nothing ever begins with a big bang as despite their foolish attempts to not only delete your long-term memory, but try to turn you into a full-blown amnesiac with their propaganda – just like their Western masters try as of the later years with ever-increasing intensity.  

Complicit in this ongoing atrocity are obvious and beyond any reasonable doubt the Westerners, all of them without a single exception:  by their empty statements, duplicity, tolerance, and even direct contribution by financing Israel and providing the “necessary” munitions to carry out this cleansing operation.  It is now impossible to hold in one’s mind the level of human suffering and utter devastating destruction we are all witnessing.  Therefore, the direct perpetrators of this ongoing serial crime, are:

  1. The State of Israel
  2. The United States of America
  3. The United Kingdom and all the Anglosaxon sphere of countries
  4. The Member States of the European Union

I believe that we all, as Citizens of the World, have to adopt a very strict stance towards Israel to begin with, and to take upon ourselves the initiative and responsibility to maximize the impact in putting the breaks on what is fully now a rogue terrorist state in Israel.  Apart from boycotting all their products, businesses, academic and any other form of collaboration, direct or indirect, we have to also take it a few steps further, ensuring that the intent is not to use any kind of violence incitation but actually the opposite: remember this sickness thrives and spreads from loathing and hatred towards others, so it is very convenient for it to feed it by providing such afflicted individuals and their collectives with enemies.

Thus, my recommendation for an immediate action that is our moral duty to carry out is to send letters by regular post to any of the above countries by appropriately selecting an address of some of their official organizations and diplomatic delegations around the world, wherever one may reside, or even directing them straight to places within the “supporting cast” of countries mentioned above.  Improvise, do it right, and do it with the right intent.

Even a blank page will do, even an empty envelope will do.  People may choose to sign the envelope/letters, or may send them anonymously.  It is good to hope that someone’s letter or postcard may be read, but the importance here is that of very large numbers and creating a chain reaction into the system: inundate their offices, services, and postal systems with an ever-increasing bulk of physical communications, not digital, which cannot be ignored or filtered out by some lame AI!  

My readers must understand one thing, almost a law of Nature:  low-tech in large numbers and based on decentralization always defeats high-tech as the latter has very limited numbers involved, its “power” is based on centralization of information processing.   Centralized high-tech is designed with the intention of using small numbers of “units”, but which are produced and run at much higher cost apiece.  

One final suggestion: people may also set up a website for the task (or actually many more than one, making them distributed on many platforms around the globe so they cannot be taken down easily).  The importance of this is to serve as a feedback loop platform in order to create a self-catalyzing reaction internationally, to motivate more and more people to take part in this endeavor.

Enough is Enough!

The time for all of us to act is NOW!