A Peaceful Solution for Ukraine

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In a recent Krasno Analysis (December 14, 2021), the last US Ambassador to the Soviet Union, Jack Matlock, wrote an insightful and much discussed essay about “Ukraine: A Tragedy of a Nation Divided,” portraying the internal and external hurdles for Ukraine, Russia, the US and NATO to find lasting solutions to the simmering conflict. Only a few days later, on December 17, Russia surprised the World by publishing two draft treaties addressed to the US and NATO for a new security structure in Eastern Europe. At the same time, reports about Russian troop movements inside its territory and articles about NATOs strongly worded warnings toward Russia are raising the specter of a new international conflict in Europe. In the meantime, Anatol Lieven has carried forward the discussion on Ukrainian Neutrality with a recent article, something Heinz Gärtner has been advocating, too.

Neutralitystudies.com in collaboration with the Vienna based International Institute for Peace, presents a roundtable that will discuss the situation in and around Ukraine, give diplomats and security analyst perspectives, and sketch out potential ways forward to resolve the hot and cold conflicts in Eastern Europe. Join us for this discussion with Ambassador Matlock, Dr. Nicolai N. Petro, Dr. Anatol Lieven, Dr. Heinz Gärtner, Dr. Olga Oliker and Dr. Luiza Bialasiewicz.


Dr. Jack Matlock, Ambassador (retd.)
Dr. Nicolai N. Petro, Professor University of Rhode Island.
Dr. Anatol Lieven,  Professor Georgetown University.
Dr. Luiza Bialasiewicz, Professor University of Amsterdam.
Dr. Olga Oliker, Program Director, International Crisis Group.
Dr. Heinz Gärtner, Professor University of Vienna.