Swedish Neutralities since 1815

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Dr. Aryo Makko

The tale of Swedish neutrality is often told as one of two centuries of stringent policy toward international affairs. In reality however, a number of deviations from and reinterpretations of neutrality policy have occurred in Stockholm, justifying a discussion about whether we should speak of neutrality in singular form at all. This seminar will discuss the implications of domestic and international developments – including the formation and dissolution of Sweden’s union with Norway, New Imperialism, the World Wars and the Cold War – for Swedish neutrality from 1815 to the present era. It will be suggested that Sweden applied various neutralities in its modern history and successfully integrated them into a common narrative.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021
07:00 Washington DC
13:00 Stockholm
19:00 Singapore
20:00 Tokyo

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Meeting ID: 974 7268 3116